Bonis Oiler Super Series – Model 3000 S-1

 Bonis Overseam Machine

For Sheepskin, Toys, Rugs, Imitation Fur, and Heavy Duty Sewing Applications

USD $ 3040.00 Rebuilt machines available USD

Click here for parts for Model 3051

Bonis Model 3000-S-51 has an entirely different construction that makes all the other sewing machines obsolete for this operation. It is a high speed, heavy duty model for sewing materials requiring a big bite. It is built with revers over arm high over feed discs and with no hub under the disc; this affords room to maneuver bulky fabrics and makes it possible to increase production.

  • Sews with ease
  • Smooth, fast running
  • Solves the problems of stitching heavy material with Cross Seams
  • Can sew with monofilament thread
  • Minimum needle breakages
  • Successfully used by the foremost toy, rug and sheepskin manufacturers
  • Also available in two-thread model

Fully Automatic Lubrication System – Continual oil flow with Posi-Drive gear feed oil pump will add longer life to BONIS machine. NO oil leakage with special seated bearings.

Simpler Adjustment Controls for maintenance free performance. We use all the same critical parts as Golden Series to give the same quality stitching that BONIS machines are famous for. Black oxide coated parts to lessen eye fatigue. Seated bearing disc wheels allow free feeding. High speed quality steel parts.

Simple Push Button stitch Control with easy-to-read stitch indicator on belt wheel.

Simple Threading. Improved balancing and special mounts for vibration-free operations. Feel the quietness and smoothness.



Technical Data

LUBRICATION: Posi-drive gear feed oil pump
SPEED: 2800 RPM Normal 3000 Maximum
MAX STITCH LENGTH: 0.224 inch = 4.5 stitches/inch; 5.7cm – 1.8 stitches/cm
MIN STITCH LENGTH: 0.024 inch – 42 stitches/inch; 0.6cm = 16.4 cm/inch
FEED WHEELS: Front – 1 1.4 inch; 31.75 mm; 27 teeth/in; 25.4 mm; 2 3/4 inch; 60.33 mm
Note: When ordering, specify which size is required. One feed wheel included. Second wheel optional.
WHEEL THICKNESS:  1/4 inch; 3.18 mm
NEEDLE SYSTEM: 292H size 14 through 24

SEAM HEIGHT:  1/4 INCH; 6.35 mm
NEEDLE BAR STROKE: 1 1/4 INCH; 31.75 mm
STITCH: One thread overseam type 501 stitch. Also available as two thread version.
DRIVE: Clutch or stop motor 1/8 to 1/4 HP
Note: In ordering this machine as a two thread model, be sure to specify S-51-2 as model number. Two thread model is also available with saw tooth rear feed. Wheel and number 4 guide. Specify SS-51-2 as model number.  Suitable material guides will be supplied with all machines. Special guides available at extra cost.

: 37″ x 20″ (93.98 cm x 50.8 cm) or 42″ x 20″ (108.68 cm x 50.8 cm)
STAND HEIGHT: 20 1/2″ (72.39 cm) Standard. Adjustable up to 34″ (86.36 cm)
A.C. Motor Stand: Single Phase. 110 volts. 50 or 60 cycle
A.C. Motor Stand: Single Phase. 220 volts. 50 or 60 cycle
A.C. Motor Stand: 3 Phase. 220 – 380 volts. 50 cycle
A.C. Motor Stand: 3 Phase. 230 – 460 volts. 60 cycle.